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When I think of the south, it’s this sort of scene I have in mind. Snow capped peaks piercing clouds under vivid blue skies. Land so imposing that it commands not just your attention, but your time. I could sit outside and just watch the clouds roll past for hours. Peaceful and still as the [...]

A Personal Craft

“I think we say a lot about who we are through our work. It’s such a personal thing. Taking pictures. It really is. It’s an incredibly personal craft. It’s something that… is hard to share sometimes. But, if you aren’t sharing your work… what are you doing? Ya know?” — Chris Burkard I’ve been really [...]

The Best Camera

The best camera is the one you have with you. It’s an old saying and one that was again popularised more recently by Chase Jarvis. Locked in a perpetual battle between a desire to shoot more often and the inability to cart around my bulky, heavy, conspicuous DSLR, I’m trying to make a change. It [...]

Resolutions 2011

I’m a hopeless sap. There is no escaping it. Because of this, I look upon New Year’s Resolutions as a genuine opportunity to instigate real change in ones life. I am confident that if you approach them with the right balance of realism and practically, they can be a genuine trigger to help you start [...]

Make Mistakes

I’ve been thinking a lot about making mistakes recently. As I look around, it seems to me that the most common reaction to potential failure is avoidance. That inner monologue that says “I don’t know how, so it must be too hard.” I really hate that voice. I remember feeling this way about a lot [...]

Deadbeat Dad

I guess you could call this the obligatory introductory “Look, I’ve got a new blog and this time I’m going to feed it” post. I’ve had various blogs for year and years now, and like most all others they’ve had one thing in common: neglect. Like most deadbeat dads, I promised time and time again [...]